Beginning of academic work

The Tolima Music Conservatory was created as the result of Maestro Alberto Castilla’s interest to establish a School of Music.

National Music Congress

The first National Music Congress was held. The event was sponsored by the Ministry of National Education, and organized by the Tolima Conservatory.


The Polyphonic Choirs of Tolima were consolidated as a musical reference.

Live music festivals

This year marks the beginning of the organization of large-scale music festivals in the city.

Ibagué The Musical Capital

Ibagué starts the application process to become a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the category of music.

Ibagué The Musical Capital

Ibagué begins its application process as a Creative City of Music to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Ibagué American Capital of Culture

The city has been designated as American Capital of Culture 2022.