International relations and cooperation

In recent years Ibagué has worked to show itself internationally, establish cooperation with countries, foreign cities, and governments.

Our city opens its doors to the international community to establish cooperation networks to strengthen our sustainable development process, the exchange of best practices, and successful experiences.

Sister Cities in process.


Ibagué and Morelia have an excellent communication, and the intention of signing a Sister Cities Agreement for cultural cooperation, mainly focused on the music field.

As a result of the good relationship between both cities, Ibagué will participate with two musical groups in the Morelia Miguel Bernal Jiménez Music Festival in November 2021.

Both cities intend to work on projects through international cooperation through the South-South cooperation mechanisms in the Mexico-Colombia Mixed Commission.

Morelia is a World Heritage City and is the first Creative City in Mexico in the field of music. It is a cradle of national classical and folk composers and musicians, and is home to the oldest music conservatory in the country, the Conservatory of Roses.

Morelia has a diverse music scene, showcasing ancient, colonial, classical, and folk music, as well as electronic music assisted by new technologies.

In recent years, music events have been an important axis of the local creative economy. It is through its great musical program that Morelia has built its reputation as a City of Music.

Since 1989, the Morelia Music Festival, Miguel Bernal Jiménez, has been an emblematic event in the promotion of internationally renowned artists.

The International Organ Festival of Morelia Alfonso Vega Núñez, is the oldest festival in the region dedicated to tubular organs. Similarly, with more than 50 editions, Jazztival Michoacán is the most important jazz festival in the central-western region of Mexico and is considered an important reference of the country’s jazz culture.