Franklin Emir Torres

Research Project Coordinator

Public Accountant from Universidad de Ibagué, with an MBA from the National University of Colombia, and Ph.D. student in Administration from Universidad de Medellín. 18 years of teaching experience at the University of Ibagué and the Tolima Music Conservatory. He has worked previously as a coordinator for research projects, and as an advisor at the Ondas Colciencias Program.

Carlos Salazar

Economic Analysis and Local Development Leader

An economist from the Universidad de Ibagué. Specialist in strategic marketing and international business, and he is a specialist in communication for teaching. He received a Master's in innovation for business development.

Teaching experience, director of the Ibagué Cómo Vamos Program and the Regional Labor Market Observatory - ORMET Tolima. Manager of the Employees Fund of the University of Ibagué.

Julián Arteaga

Training Processes Leader

Professional musician and instrumentalist with an emphasis on drums and percussion. He has previous experience in teaching and event logistics. He is also experienced in artistic assembles between traditional and modern musical groups.

Ana Paola Masso

Infrastructure and Cultural Management Leader

An Architect from the University of Ibagué, with a Master's Degree in Wake Up Brain Methodology, trained in the design of spaces and cultural experiences.

Experience as a consultant in innovation and design of experiences in cultural and creative industries. She has served as a university professor, facilitator of creative thinking workshops and has given around ten conferences on cultural entrepreneurship.

Daniela Alejandra Sánchez

Professional support data analysis and research

Professional support in research and data analysis

Master's student in Business Administration from Universidad de Valencia and Universidad de Ibagué, Public Accountant from Universidad de Ibagué, and technician in Accounting for Commercial and Financial Operations from SENA. She has previous experience in teaching, and in developing research projects related to the cultural and creative sectors.

Luisa Cruz

Apoyo profesional análisis de datos e investigación

An economist from the Universidad de Ibagué, with three years of experience implementing applied research projects and working with communities. Expert in developing research, finance, and marketing projects.

Andrea Lizarazo

Research assistant

Holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and a professional degree in fashion design and pattern making. She has previous experience as coordinator and head of marketing, as well as a coordinator for corporate events, marketing professional, and sales consultant.