International relations and cooperation

In recent years, Ibagué has worked towards increasing its international recognition, establishing cooperation bridges with foreign countries, cities, and governments.

Our city opens its doors to the international community, in order to create cooperation networks that can strengthen our sustainable development processes, and can foster the exchange of best practices, and successful experiences.

Sister Cities in process.


Since 2003, Valparaíso has been recognized as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Furthermore, it was recognized by UNESCO as a Creative City of Music in October 2019, which shows the intense and diverse activity of Valparaíso in the development of local music.

Valparaíso is considered a university, tourist, heritage and creative city, and the second region of Chile with the greatest musical offer and attendance at musical shows in the country, after Santiago de Chile. It is a city with vibrant cultural scenes, which is evidenced by a wide variety of cultural arts festivals that support creative activity and are an interesting scene for tourists visiting the region. This makes it an interesting destination for cultural tourism and creative.

The foregoing has motivated the management of a cooperation agreement between the cities of Valparaíso (Chile) and Ibagué (Colombia), mainly postulating aspects such as:

– Circulation and creation of a Network of Music Festivals in sister cities.

– Transfer of good organization and management practices in the music sector.

– Transfer of information for the measurement of the sector: creative mapping, observatory of creative and cultural industries, and music research.

– Mobility of artists, groups, students, teachers and researchers of the music sector